What should I build Subtext 9 on?

This will still be just a research prototype of a programming language and environment, so I don’t care about deployment issues. Want to have:

  1. Discriminated unions and pattern matching
  2. IDE with debugging
  3. Rich GUI framework with functional style (Elm/React)
  4. Healthy ecosystem


  • Elm — nice and simple, but better suited to apps than an entire language environment. I really need mutation. Bit of a walled garden. Needs a real debugger (yes reproducibility improves printf debugging but it’s still just printf).
  • Dart/Flutter — could work. Refreshing simplicity compare to the chaos of web

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The User Liberation Front

From the beginning this blog had the subtitle “Dispatches from the Programmer Liberation Front”. I have changed it to the User Liberation Front. Really this change has been building for years now. I started out wanting to fix programming, to help realize its full potential, and to uplift our tribe of nerdy misfits. I slowly realized that the heart of the problem is not our technology but our culture itself. Programming sucks because we like it that way. It entertains

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Roadmap to the Renaissance

How will we escape the current Dark Age of Programming? What will trigger a Software Renaissance? History tells us that major intellectual shifts usually arise not from lone geniuses but from subcultures that suddenly coalesce in a burst of invention and discovery. I have found an interesting book that looks at the group dynamics of such subcultures:  Collaborative Circles: Friendship Dynamics & Creative Work by Michael P. Farrell (suggested by Patrick Collison). From the blurb:

Many artists,

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TFW you reject your own submission

Dear Jonathan,

We’re sorry to inform you that your submission #12

Title: Direct Programming

was rejected, and will not be presented at the LIVE 2018 workshop. Your reviews are included below; all papers were reviewed by 3 people. We had a record 22 submissions this year, and were only able to accept 10, so making the decision was hard.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your submission and we hope you find the reviewers’ comments helpful.

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