Modular Generation and Customization

The adventure in blogademics continues: I have posted a draft of my next paper. Comments are welcome – the deadline is 5/19. Thanks to everyone who supplied references in response to my last post – you are in the acknowledgments.

Update – the link above is to the final version, pusblished as a tech report. I should add for those familiar with my UI work that there is almost no UI in this paper. I am trying to motivate and explain the model underlying my last two papers. It’s not just about ease of use – it is also about expressive power.

Galactic Premiere of Subtext 2

Here I am live-blogging myself at OOPSLA. I guess you know you have arrived when you get heckled by Guy Steele. Actually the talk seemed to go over pretty well.

I have posted a video of essentially the same talk. As always, comments welcome.