Why no-code is uninteresting

in one tweet. Distilled a lot of thought into this one, so lifting it up here.

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  1. Hello Jonathan,

    maybe it’s just me but I can replace “no-code” with “code” in this statement and works the same way. You complain about the general state of the software industry, not about a specific method.

    But how about this?
    Code is uninteresting because its core is data access and control structures: sequence, iteration, selection – which are, also not interestingly, the way to process an array, set and map, respectively. The rest is an overcomplicated struggle with modularization by those who failed to understand the difference between state machines and the Turing machine and can’t see them in a real information system. Or, more likely, don’t even understand the previous sentence.

    If you are interested in my take on programming, take a look here. It was 10 years ago, but no regret.

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