Kickstarter: the aftermath

On Kickstarting research I asked for comments on the Light Table project. They were largely positive. Now, for the sake of argument, let’s assume this will be a complete disaster (a reasonable assumption based on history). What are the consequences?

Are people going to be pissed off and give similar efforts a bad rap? Or will they just see it as $50 donated to a good cause? Or, to paraphrase P.T.Barnum, is there a micro-investor born every minute?

2 Replies to “Kickstarter: the aftermath”

  1. I know I personally would continue to support software projects that intend to produce an interesting and useful product.

    I’ve supported 2 successful Kickstarter projects and 1 that was canceled before its deadline despite having reached its goal which I consider a pretty good.

    This is the first software Kickstarter project I’ve backed and my primary reason is I want to encourage development in this area. Sure I’d really like to see this guys succeed, but I want others to see that this model works, and that people are interested in projects like this. The latter is still accomplished even if this particular project fails. If I backed ~5 software projects and none of them succeeded I might reconsider.

  2. It will end up being a toy, like smalltalk is for some now, everyone goes back to Eclipse/IntelliJ/Visual Studio and its forgotten and disappears in the longer term.

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