7 Replies to “Subtext by other means”

  1. Now that’s a presentation I wish I could see. Will there be video for those who can’t attend?

  2. Interesting. What specifically are you looking for in the js [erson? A part-time contributor, full-time employee, or … ?

  3. I’m excited to see what you’ve come up with so far. Is Transcript intended to be general purpose or domain-specific? Also, is this your new focus, or is Subtext still happening (or is this just the next evolutionary step)?

    I certainly hope for a recording! Like some cruel joke, I live literally 5 minutes from YOW’s Melbourne venue, but I can’t afford a $1000 ticket to come see you (and all the other great speaks) speak. If you shout loudly enough, I might be able to hear you from my house though.

    1. Wow $1000? There’s serious money in this conference racket!

      Transcript originated as a conscious effort to invent a Trojan Horse for Subtext. But it is turning out to be a pretty exciting idea on it’s own so the Subtexty aspects have been getting deemphasized and deferred.

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